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Update: is (a)live!

Good grief - I did it. I managed to "finish" and upload the website:

It only took me 17 hours. I wrote "finish" in quotes because this sort of thing is never quite complete. I suppose that's why it took me so long to even get started on this project. Knowing that I didn't have enough, that what I did have wasn't good enough, etc., etc. But you reach a point where you just have to put yourself out there and if this is all I have, so be it. More will come! And yes, it should have newer content but well, at least I have a website with my name on it and some current photos and accurate contact info.

If you have a moment, look for it online and let me know if it's there. My brother in LA is only seeing a godaddy hold page but said it would take up to 48 hours for the live site to be seen everywhere, so now I wait.

Speaking of waiting, that is the nature of the actor's life. I had a post about it in my old Tumblr blog: Now I wonder if I will continue posting here...I haven't used Tumblr in years. This really is a #bujo #braindump exercise for me. Anyone else do this?

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