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Some wonderful feedback...

It is always my pleasure to hire Veronica. She's professional, prepared and talented. What more can a casting director ask for?

Lori S. Wyman , C.S.A.

Emmy nominee for HBO's Recount

Vero is a true professional, she is a great VO talent both in English and Spanish, she is punctual, careful, understands Creative Direction. Vero is amazing! I will recommend her to any Creative or Producer in a heartbeat.

Helena Osorio-Zavala

Broadcast Producer/JWT Miami

Veronica is one of the most versatile actresses I've worked with. She is great at following directions and always contributes something of her own to make the spot even better. Besides being super professional and talented she is a great person and fun to work with. I consider Veronica to be one of the best in South Florida.

Gabriel Saientz

Composer/Producer/Partner, Promidi Music

Verónica tiene esa habilidad para saber qué necesita el comercial, bien sea en inglés o en español, siempre la recomiendo por ser muy profesional, muy rápida, y sobre todo es muy agradable trabajar con ella.

Ricardo Bigai

Audio Engineer, Cineworks Miami

Veronica is a well seasoned voiceover talent, who can always be counted on for her range of tones, precise dialect, and constant dedication. She is a pleasure to work with.

Michi Bandin

Broadcast Producer, Alma DDB

Veronica is one of the smartest, most prepared, and naturally talented artists that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She always proves to be a great asset to any project she is involved with. The Miami production community is lucky to have this caliber of talent raising the bar of quality to a world class level.

Steve Johnston

Owner, Outpost Audio

What I love about Veronica is her versatility and work ethic. We've booked her on a few commercials and always enjoy working with her. Can't wait to work with her again, makes my job a lot easier.

David Rousseau

creativeseen | director

Super Pro, perfecta diccion, siempre dispuesta, siempre una sonrisa.

Erik Nuñez

Animal Music

Veronica is so much fun to work with; not only is she one of the best talents out there but she always makes those of us working behind the console or on the other side of the recording booth look a lot more talented than we are. Veronica doesnt need much direction or anyone to keep her on track. She just nails it every single time!

Alvaro Rodriguez

Owner/Creative Director/Chief Audio Engineer, Histeria Music Group

Trabajar con Veronica siempre nos da mucha tranquilidad, no solo es excelente profecional y sabe interpretar al cliente, sino que su puntualidad y conocimiento de la industria la ponen un paso adelante. Usualmente no tengo que llamarla para castings, simplemente envio su demo via email y es elejida. Su fuerte son las voces jovenes femeninas, dulces y tambien para brindar confiabilidad en el producto sin sonar acartonada.

Luli De Oto

Personal Music

I've recorded Veronica for an amazing array of spots through the years. She is always super professional, easy to work with and always seems to get it right. Great actress with a great voice.

Ghamal De La Guardia

Audio Engineer

She's a diverse talent with a strong work ethic and a pleasure to be on set with.

Franco Parente


Working with Veronica is always a pleasure. Her versatility and range, combined with her commitment to perfection, make any project she's assigned the best it can be. No matter how challenging, Veronica will make it work, AND sound great!

Eric Williamson


Con Veronica, siempre vas a la segura tanto en Español o Ingles. Su profesionalismo y talento son muy efectivos a la hora de grabar y producir un comercial.

Aidita Urra-Alamo

Owner, Bohemian Sound

I have had the pleasure of hiring Veronica for a number of jobs throughout the years. She has been the voiceover talent in numerous national campaigns for major wireless communications and automotive brands. Every time she is called in for a job, she displays an excellent work ethic and dedication to her craft that makes working with her a delight for any producer.

Maria Dore

Broadcast Producer, Y&R Brands Bravo Group

We are so grateful to have found someone like Veronica. She is so natural and confident in front of the camera. She was chosen to participate in a Clorox vignette and exceeded client's expectations. We have also received great feedback from big clients such as Pond's, Maybelline and Hershey's. Her voice adds the perfect touch of excitement, romance and emotion to any spot or presentation! I'm looking forward to working with her in future projects!

Mirtha Miranda

Producer, NBC Universal

I had worked with Veronica in other projects and knew she was an extremely talented actress. I booked her for a role in "Promises" and despite last minute changes to her character and dialogue, she gave us a performance that was no less than stellar. Can't wait to work with her again!

Carlos Guerrero

Actor / Producer

I've worked with Veronica for several years on TV commercials and always find her a pleasure to work with. She is not only fun to have on set, but is a true professional who obviously knows her craft. At work, Veronica brings the knowledge of a experienced actor but also the enthusiasm of someone just starting out.

Frank Horn

Assistant Director

To work with Veronica is absolutely a pleasure. Both as a Producer and an Off-camera V.O., I have had the opportunity to share the recording booth with Veronica. Her well-polished and educated talent as an actress is evident in all of her performances and deliveries. She becomes a very valuable cast member, particularly when everyone around her feed from her own character motivation to adapt theirs, dramatically bringing any scene to perfection.

Carlos Rondon

Architect of Sight and Sound

En el pasado tuve la oportunidad de trabajar con Veronica para las cuentas de GM general motors (Pontiac) y dire que fue un placer tarabajar con ella por su compromiso, profesionalismo e integridad; me demostro no solo que es una de las mejores profesionales dentro del campo de locucion si no que tambien es un gran ser humano.

Omar Santana


Having worked with many different Voice over actors in my 6 years in the field, I can honestly say that very few have that special thing that makes for a great VO talent, in Veronica's case not only does she have a great flexible voice that can be used in just about any kind of spot, but her great attitude and professionalism in the booth are what really allow for any kind of creative direction.


p.s..also she is great what else do you want!!! hire her already!!!!!

David Miranda

Audio Engineer, accentmarketing

Tuve la oportunidad de trabajar con Veronica y debo decir que fue un placer. Mas alla de su voz tan personal, su profesionalidad y carisma le dieron a nuestras piezas un aporte fundamental para la trasmision del mensaje.

Alejandro Santangelo

Founder, Circolo

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